Stop and Smell the Roses! Inspiring Verses of Love and Longing from Ancient Women Writers

The words of ancient women offer pearls of wisdom and inspiration if we are willing to stop from the busyness of life, smell the roses, and just listen for a moment.

The exquisite beauty and timeless messages these writers share with us have long been a source of inspiration for my work.  It fascinates me how they express our common hopes and desires as if they were living among us today.  One forgets when or where they lived or what culture they came from.

 Teresa of Avila writes, "We bloomed in Spring.  Our bodies are the leaves of God." Such a powerful vision!  I see a woman dancing, formed by branches, twigs, leaves and seeds.  A seed that can become a painting!  Avila, a Christian mystic, was expressing her longing for unity with God and all of creation. 

And so I've begun a series of  paintings inspired by several of these writers, many from different faith traditions.  I want to spread the word and share the messages of these kindred spirits.  Here are some details of my works in progress!