Herbie Hancock and the Transformative Power of the Arts for Peace

I remember when Maiden Voyage, by legendary jazz musician and composer, Herbie Hancock, made it's debut.  Listening to it's lyrical and tranquil melodies, I felt that I was being carried away on a mysterious journey. 

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Hancock's life has been quite a journey as well. In addition to being a renowned pianist and composer, he is a humanitarian and believes that the arts have the ability to create change and can be instrumental in helping bring the world together to establish peace and develop peacemakers.

"All of the arts are a wonderful vehicle for being able to promote the best of what humanity has to offer".     - Herbie Hancock

In 2011 UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova named Herbie Hancock a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for Intercultural Dialogue for his dedication to promoting peace through dialogue, culture and the arts.  Hancock is one of the founders of the International Committee of Artists for Peace (ICAP), an organization dedicated to "creating a culture of peace and developing future peacemakers through the transformative power of the arts". ICAP accomplishes this through performances, educational programs, awards and scholarships, and exhibits at schools, events and conventions.

A practicing Buddhist, Hancock explains that there is great beauty in every human being and that each of us exists because we each have something to offer for the evolution of the universe that we alone can fulfill.