Awakening Curiosity and Suspense: Delving Deeper into the Art of Mystery.

What attracted me to Nancy Drew, the young fictitious female detective in the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories, besides the fact that we share the same name? Well, she's smart, courageous, thoughtful, independent and very determined to solve the mystery at hand.  But most of all I was drawn to solving the intriguing mysteries that fascinated her curious and inquiring mind.  From the Mystery of the Old Clock to The Secret in the Old Attic, I read every book in the series that I could get my hands on! 

Looking back, I'm sure that my early love for mystery stories led to mystery being such an important element in my own art.  I want my paintings to awaken curiosity and suspense, taking viewers on a journey over the hill and around the bend, along a road with many paths, twists and surprises.  I leave many clues along the way -  signs and symbols that encourage them to dig deeper, creating their own endings to my painted stories.

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science."                                                                                                                    - Albert Einstein