The Common Good in Action

Recently I came across an organization called Sojourners, that's been around for 40 years! It's an international group of people committed to transforming their faith into action for social justice.  They also publish Sojourners Magazine which features numerous examples of how working together to find the common good can be effective in solving problems.

                                                                                          The Gift                                                                                

                                                                                          The Gift                                                                                

Sojourner's founder, Jim Wallis, wrote a wonderful article in TIME Magazine not too long ago called"Whatever Happened to the Common Good?"in which he states:

"A commitment to the common good could bring us together and solve the deepest problems this country and the world now face: How do we work together? How do we treat each other, especially the poorest and most vulnerable? How do we take care of not just ourselves but also one another?"

The fact that Sojourners has been around for so many years means they must be doing something right.