A Valentine Message from Generation Hope: Colorful Handprints Say I Love You

Generation Hope, a non-profit organization that my daughter, Nicole Lynn Lewis founded, provides direct sponsorships and one-on-one mentoring support to teen parents in the Washington, DC area who are attending college. Recently I hosted a Valentine's Day Art Celebration for the Scholars, their children and mentors at the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, where I have my studio.  During the event, Scholars received much-needed items, such as books, diapers, and clothing, for themselves and for their children from their mentors.  There were many art activities to choose from, and it wasn't long before everyone was hard at work with stamps, sponges, brushes and a variety of objects, expressing themes of love, peace and community.

As I watched the children dip their hands in paint to make tiny handprints, I was reminded of what a joyful experience it is to create art with young children.  These Colorful Handprints Say I Love You,  A Valentine Message from Generation Hope.

I will be hosting another workshop for the group in April and some of the art that we create will become part of a colorful collage that will be auctioned off at the first annual Generation Hope Gala "Pep Rally Under the Stars" on June 29, 2012, celebrating the first year of the Scholar Program.

I will be keeping you posted in future blogs on our progress!