The Creative Force of the Feminine Spirit, Wise Women Speak

Throughout the ages, wisdom has often been personified as a feminine spirit and has taken on many forms, including creator, angelic messenger, wise sage, saint, goddess and prophetess. This personification has been revealed through the art, stories, and myths from many cultures and religions.

Both the Egyptian goddess, Ma'at, and the prophetic Greek goddess, Themis, embody divine order and eternal justice.  The wise and venerated 11th century German mystic and writer, Hildegard of Bingen, envisioned love, faith, wisdom, justice, truth and peace as women wearing white robes and brilliant jewelry.  The Book of Wisdom in the Bible refers to wisdom as a woman whose spirit is holy, intelligent, steadfast, humane and irresistible.

I have come to realize how the wise woman has a universal message for us all.  She embodies our highest self, imparting knowledge of what is true and just, urging us to take right action.  She symbolizes wisdom, strength, honesty, courage and perseverance.  The wise woman represents the beauty of the human spirit in all cultures and races.

As in the past, there are many women today who inspire us.  Torkin Wakefield is one such woman.  She is a social activist and co-founder of many organizations that help the world's poor, including BeadforLife, which helps to lift Africans out of extreme poverty.  BeadforLife partners Ugandan women with concerned citizens around the world who buy their beaded jewelry and other products, providing them with the necessities of life and hope for the future.

Through the creative force of the feminine spirit, wise women speak to us in villages and cities all over the world.  Aren't we special?