One of my favorite childhood pastimes was bringing a treasure trove of books home from the library, spreading a blanket out under a shady tree, and losing myself in a world of endless adventures and stories.  Inevitably my favorites involved feisty, independent and noble female characters.  I wanted to be just like them!  

Imagining what these heroes would look like, I drew their faces with chalk on sidewalks and driveways in our neighborhood and on scraps of paper to share with all of my friends.  Beautiful, smart and adventurous, they were everywhere, filling the pages of my notebooks, along with my poems and stories of their triumphs and tribulations.

Later on, while studying art history and literature in college, I rediscovered my love for women heroes, and their images and stories began to appear in my paintings and collages.  I realize now that my love for wise women has been a continuous inspiration throughout my work and life.